Getting a Motivational Speaker for Generational Differences

Many organizations have a unique mixture of people who need to work together to create a successful and profitable company.  Most often than not, people in companies and organizations usually work with individuals who come from different generations.  No other time in history has Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y and Millennials are sharing the same space and are placed in one organization.  This could be either exciting or challenging.  People need to understand work ethics, interests and values of each generation.

Since this is fast becoming a real dilemma, companies usually hire a third-party speaker to address inter-generational concerns.  Inter-generational knowledge exchange is an important aspect of corporate culture that needs to be communicated to employees. At, we see to it that our corporate clients are able to address this issue through our various research-based programs.

We understand that getting a motivational speaker to give a message to a diverse, inter-generational audience requires a special set of skills. In order to appeal to a wide spectrum of audience members, our team does extensive research.  Our main motivational speaker Garrison Wynn acknowledges that he just cannot go and speak to an organization or a company without knowing its background, the composition of the people, the corporate culture, and the social dynamics that prevail within. Customized content is important, and we believe that our research-driven programs are the driving force behind a successful speech that would spur an audience to action.

Motivational Speaker for GenerationalWhen our motivational speaker talks about inter-generational differences, it comes from the results of researching crucial methods and practical tools to help manage a multi-generational workforce.  Mr. Wynn always has a conference call with clients and he shows them the outline of the speech content, and we make necessary adjustments based on their feedback.  We see to it that all generations are included, and that no specific generation is demeaned, misrepresented or offended. The key word here is respect and a culture of cooperation.

A well-researched program also addresses various company needs:

There is not just one program that is applicable to different companies.  A program should be tailor-fit to the needs of the company.  For instance, we have specific programs that address how to keep millennials loyal.  Keeping and attracting top talents in their 20s is a challenge these days because they have different values and attitudes versus the older generation.  For example, they do not mind working at home as long as they deliver great results.  This is a huge no-no for their parents’ generation, who sees staying at home as synonymous to slacking off at work.

On the other hand, Generation Y, people in their 30s, has different mindsets as well:

This group is the future management team of the company and should be motivated and trained well.  Since they will bring the company to the future, they need to be enticed to have a great business environment that would ensure their great performance and longevity in the company.

PeopleAnother excellent program that we offer to multi-generational companies is how to have a wide understanding of all generations and how they can work well together. This type of program identifies traits and values of each generation and specifies what is important to them.  We get the perspective of the older generations as well as the perspective of the younger generations. We make sure that our motivational speaker clearly gets these important messages across.

Garrison Wynn, our main speaker at, is an industry expert who has considerable experience in business and in communicating effectively and engaging an audience. Having worked for a Fortune 500 company and being a top executive at a young age of 27 years have earned him the right to share valuable life lessons with audiences.  He is the writer of the Amazon bestselling book The Real Truth about Success in which he talks about real answers to success challenges.

Reputable companies like American Express, Wells Fargo, The Boys and Girls Club of America, Oracle, Hewlett Packard and many more all have great testimonies to share on just how magnetic and engaging Garrison Wynn is – and his message reverberates in the company and sticks to the listeners. In fact, one testimony from one of his talks at the United States Department of Defense states that he has the perfect combination of humor and serious introspection that keeps audience engaged. People from State Farm appreciated the fact that he took notes of what their company needs and knows exactly what message to say to the audience.

Testimonies from Subway even state that you will not feel that the 60 minutes have passed because he is funny and entertaining and he drives home the point with panache.  Chevron representatives said that they though they have heard it all until they heard Mr. Wynn’s message.  He was able to get through the diverse and inter-generational employee base of Chevron like no one else before.

Aside from speaking about Generational Differences and diversity within the company, we also offer other customized content.  Our other areas of expertise are Leadership, Team Building, Education, Health Care, Change Management, Employee Engagement, Customer Service and Sales.

Golf accessories that every golfer must have

Golf accessories are a definite must-have for every golfer. These are things that help improve your game and aid with every aspect of the sport. Some of these golfing accessories are common items, while some are specific to the sport. offers a wide range of golf equipment and accessories for any type of player. We offer a lot of the hottest and popular brands specializing in golf equipment. We categorize our products so you can easily choose the right equipment for the kind of player you are.

Below is a sample list of golf Accessories necessary to help you enhance your skill, protect you from the elements, and at the same time make you look good.
  1. Tees – A golf tee is used generally in the first shot for every hole. It is allowed to be used for the tee shot which is known as the first shot for every hole. Teeing helps as it gives more drive to a shot.
  2.  Golf AccessoriesGloves – Most golfers put on a golf glove on their right hand if they are left handed, and on their left if they are right handed. The gloves help with having a better grip with a golf club which gives you much needed control on your swing. There is a question whether you should use one glove or two gloves while playing. It is a matter of preference actually as some players develop blisters on their other hand while playing.
  3. New Golf Balls – New golf balls performs significantly better than old ones as these things deteriorate much quickly. As with today’s sports science, development of these balls have come a long way and the science behind it is pretty astonishing.
  4. Old Golf Balls – These old golf balls are very useful for practice. It also helps when you are having a bad day and all those shots are sending all your brand new balls to the water.
  5. Umbrellas – These aren’t just for the rain; it is also for those especially hot days when the sun is trying to keep you from playing. These also includes special hoods for your golf bags to protect your precious clubs.
  6. Golf Grips – This is one of those golf accessories that is necessary to have. It helps to improve your grip and make more precise swings. It adds control to your swings and provides you with a more power when delivering those excellent shots.
  7. Golf Carts – Having your own golf cart preserves your energy and stamina giving you more energy for those swings and puts.
  8. Sports ItemsEyewear – Having the right eyewear enhances your vision and allows you to have a better perspective for your upcoming shot. At the same time, it protects your eyes from glares and harmful UV rays.
  9. Golf Apparels – Golf clothing is important in giving you comfortable condition while playing. There is nothing sadder than to lose a tournament all because of having uncomfortable clothing preventing you to perform well. These apparels also include golf hats and caps that also blocks glare form the sun and gives you protection from the sun’s heat.
  10. Training Aids – also has tons of training videos and golf books that gives you more information on how to improve your game. These training aids are authored by respected players and are designed to teach you proper technique and tips on the most common questions.

When people say accessories, it usually means that it is not necessary or is only there for aesthetic purposes. But with golf, accessories are needed and very helpful in improving a golfer’s performance. These accessories enhance your game and gives you more leverage to play a better game.

RockBottomGolf offers the best in the market golf accessories and equipment at a better price and higher quality. We will ensure that you will get the most out of your buck and help you enjoy the game we all love.