Easy Way to Patch Torn Denims With Iron On Patches

We all have our share of those torn denim once in a while and we frequently get holes on the knee areas of our favorite pairs.
Some people don’t want to throw away their torn denim especially when they have learned to love it.  But how can we salvage these lovable pants especially when the rest of the material aside from the knees or that part between the thighs is the only one that is torn?

Well, patching denim and jeans are no longer a source of worry as you can do them quickly and easily without the use of a full-sized sewing machine.  Iron on patches can make the task so simple with the use of iron and an ironing board.

It is also a good idea to apply patches before holes or torn areas become evident.  This allows the patch to be placed on the inner side of the pants to hide the hole and patch from view.  Simply turn the pants from the inside out and patch it on the worn area.

As the pants wear through, the patch is already in place and reinforced the area.
So before you throw your old denim and other pants, why not try the following steps in ironing on patches over torn parts? Here is how to do it.

Step #1 Purchase an Iron On Patch

Before starting it out, you need to buy your patch.  These are a variety of colors and designs which you can buy in any specialty store.  Since most iron on patches come in denim shades, you will not find it hard to select one to use on your project.  In selecting the size, see to it that the design and size you have chosen are sufficient to meet the purpose.

Iron on PatchesStep # 2 Cut the Patch to Cover the Hole

Now that you have selected your patch, place it on top of the hole and draw some marks for the cutting lines.  Make sure that the diameter of the patch is bigger than the hole so it overlaps.  Avoid cutting it in a square form or in any shape with edges as corners tend to detach from the fabric.

Prepare the Iron

Prepare your iron by preheating or setting it to a temperature that is required for the material you will be ironing.  Follow the instruction that usually comes in handy with the iron on patches you have purchased.  Generally, high setting is needed for denim pants.

While you are waiting for the iron to get hot, place the pants on the ironing board with the torn part laid flatly on it. Place a piece of paper on the legs of the jeans so that the fusible material of the patch will not stick to the back of the pant leg.

Iron On PatchIron On the Patch

Before ironing, see to it that there are no wrinkles either in the patch or the fabric.  Then test the iron by pressing in on some fabric before finally pressing it directly over the patch according to the direction that comes with the patch.  Generally, this is done for about 30 seconds.  Once the patch sticks to the denim, you can finally remove the paper.

Applique the Denim Patch

You can find many appliqué iron-on designs to use.  For your kids, let your children choose their own design and patterns.
In attaching the appliqué to the denim, just warm the fabric with the pre-heated iron before placing the appliqué over the portion where you want it placed.  Place a thin cloth on top of the appliqué and press the iron over it for about 20 seconds to tack the appliqué in place.

Whip Stitch the Denim

This process is optional and while not really required, the jean patch will look perfectly great if you apply a stitched border.  To do this, simply get a piece of thread on a needle and start sewing some stitches around the patch border.  This will secure the patch to the denim pants, especially when patching up kid’s pants.

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